We use Derm-A-Gel in our facials and deep cleanses.  It is a South African product based on AHA(Alpha hydroxy acid), meaning it is made out of fruit acids which exfoliates your skin as you use it.


In our basic deep cleanses and facials we use either a honey, aloe or rosemary mask whereas in our spesialized facial treatments we use a salon only maks which helps to lift the dead skin cells off the surface of the skin leaving the skin feeling and looking radiant!!


All our facials and deep cleanses include the following:  Double cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions and mask.


Basic Facial  R440

This is a full facial cleanse including a facial massage and pressure points.  We finish off with a customized mask.

(Approx 90 min)


Specialized Derm-A-Gel facial  R500

This facial is a fruit acid peel which is ended off with a lovely full face massage.  This is perfect for congested skin that needs a bit of a lift

(Approx 90 min)


Galvanic Facial  R550

This facial helps with fine lines and wrinkles and lifts the skin instantly with every treatment

(Approx 100 min)


Basic Deep Cleanse  R370

This is a deep pore cleansing treatment for clients with oily skin and who prefer a treatment without a facial massage.  A decollatage massage is done while the mask is on.

(Approx 60 min)


Specialized Derm-A-Gel Deep Cleanse  R440

This is also a fruit acid peel removing all the dead skin cells off the top layer of your skin.  Perfect for problem skin

(Approx 75 min)


Back Cleanse  R400

This is done exactly like a facial and it helps with any congestion or impurities on the back

(Approx 60 min)




Oily skin R370

Combination skin R370

Normal skin R370

Dry Skin R400

Acne/Teenage Skin R400

Mature Skin R460


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