Here are some of the products that we stock



250ML AHA Gel Cleanser R380

250ML Kojic Cleanser R440

100ML Eye make-up Remover R170

100ML Exfoliating Gel R235

50ML Prescriptive "A" R605

50 ML Collagen "C" R605

30ML Eye Cream R335

100ML AHA Sunblock SPF30 R525

50ML AHA Skin smoothing cream R600

50ML New Age Taut R600

50ML Night seal R660

50ML Neck Serum R550

50ML Aloe Mask R265

50ML Rosemary/Honey Mask R265

125 ML Calendula Tincture R385

100ML Pore Reducer R400



Solar Gold R200


Small Solar Gold R80






Polish R140





Bio Sculpture cutex R80

Executive Base R80

Lavender Base R80

Top Coat R80


Nail files R20

Buffer R30

Cuticle Oil R80

Vitamin Base R80


Intimate folisan R80



Exfoliating Sponge R40


Soosox/Soomits R80

(Great for the dry, cracked heels. These special socks/mits have a heat layer on the inside which once cream is applied to the heels or hands it forces the cream into the skin leaving it soft and well conditioned)


Footfiles R60

Replacement Grits for Footfiles R40


Snugglers(Beanbags) R60




HANNON MAKE-UP: ( we also stock all the hair products aswell)


Foundations (Two in one-available in 7 colours) R252 (Liquid + powder)


Eyepencils (Black, white, purple and brown) R 145

Eyebrow pencils (Taupe) R 145

Lippencils (Nude and Natural) R145


Semi-permanent liquid eyeliner (Black) R 155


Superlash long lasting mascara (Black) R 240


Eyeshadows: Day to night (4 shades) R 230

Duo shadow (Blue, green, brown and smokey eyes) R 168

Long lasting Lipstick (Rosebud, Mink, hollywood, berry, coral) R 175


Lip gloss (Candy sugar) R 145

Lipgloss R145

Blusher (sun kiss, Brazillian Tan and Peachy) R 230


Finishing Moisture Seal (125ml) R 168

Pencil sharpener R 55

Retractable blush brush R 105

Foundation sponges R35




More Hair Volumising Shampoo 250ml R185

More Hair Volumising Conditioner 250ml R185

More Hair Volumising Mist 250ml R192

Hair Growth Follicle Booster Anti-Hair Loss R230

Extreme Anti-Frizz Shampoo 250ml R185

Extreme Anti-Frizz Condtioner 250ml R185

Control Anti-Frizz Shampoo 250ml R185

Control Anti-Frizz Conditioner 250ml R185

Blow Straight Styling Lotion 125ml R175

SIlk Finishing Spray 125ml R195

Silicone Smoothing Serum 60ml R160

Normalising Moisture Shampoo 250ml R185

Detangling Conditioner 250ml R185

Straightening Iron Protection Shield 125ml R195

Super Shine Shampoo 250ml R185

Super Shine Conditioner 250ml R185

Platinum Infusion Shampoo 250ml R185

Platinum Leave-in Conditioner 250ml R185

Red Infusion Shampoo 250ml R185

Copper Infsuion Shampoo 250ml R185

Liquid Crystal Styling Gel 250ml R175

Style Freeze Firm Hold Hair Spray 250ml R185

Style Lock Super Hold Hair Spray 250ml R185

Spiker Gel WAx 100ml R110

Sculpting Hair Gel 150ml R130

Polish Wax Wax 50ml R120

Scalp Therapy Treatment 125ml Anti-Hair Loss R195

Miracle Hair Treatment 250ml R240

Argan Oil 60ml R215

Anti-Hair Loss Capsules 60s R245

Detangling Comb R50


Skincare available on order

Makeup Cleansing Milk 150ml R305

Gentle facial Wash 150ml R305

Gentle Claensing Facial Bar R145

Toner pH Balancing 150ml R295

Mother Of pearl Facial Scrub 75ml R275

Gentle EnzymeSkin Peeler 50ml R345

Liquid Face Lifting Serum 50ml R510

Lightening Serum For Pigmentaion 50ml R505

Collagen Smoothing Serum 50ml R720

Wrinkle Reducing Serum 50ml ( launching soon) R1150

Daily Sunblock Moisturiserr SPF30 75ml R325

Oil Control Moisturiser ( for oily skin) 50ml R380

Intense Hydrating Moisturiser (for dry skin) 50ml R380

Balancing Moisturiser (for combination skin) 50ml R380

Hydralite Moisturiser (for normal skin) 50ml R380

Night Creme Ultra Rich 50ml R470

Purifying Kaolin Earth Mask 50ml R305

Rehydrating Moisture Mask 50ml R 315

Vitamin E Eye Creme 15ml R 345

Scar Repair Tissue Oil 150ml R315

Neck And Bust Firming Creme 200ml (launching soon) R395






Nail And Cuticle Balm R60

Rose Lip Balm R60

Whipped Body Butter R140


For any further product information please visit the website at www.hannon.co.za





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